It was smooth, round, flat and broad
Large, as it was, flung, hurdling towards a window
The window dark, shut even in perpetual daylight
That stretches beyond the reaches of the Canadian Shield

Thrown as far as the ravenous crow flies
As far as the aurora magnetically shines
Hungering for change, it’s dissidence sublime
Its course beyond signals of dishes of modern design

Satellite greetings to the apex of the world!

Obsequious to the sender
This is not a blue movie
But I am feeling blue

A society in convalescence
Hindered by the modern age


Used to be skeletons were never kept in closets
The bones remained under piles of rock

without a bone to pick

The time to grieve is over
and over
and over

time to move forward

Beyond unjust moments, travesty and tragedy
Beyond ice-less oceans and actually doing something about it
Beyond apathy, prejudice, and everything in-between
Beyond you and I


Effecting a different understanding
Complexities of cultural collisions
This new collusion
Band aids have to be removed
Like shackles around the soul
Even of the soulless

those masters of cultural devastation

Sure as the grip of the juvenile’s
Fingers tighten around the rock
Preparing to take down Goliath
We must act as one

Under the light of an eternal sun


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One response to “Cragged

  1. Wow, this is great. I love this poem. Thanks for sharing

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